About Us


Grace Community Church is a place to be built up and encouraged in your journey with the Lord. It is a place to Grow and connect with others who are growing in their faith and seeking to live a life of purpose. We are fairly casual and intentionally friendly to everyone and want you to feel "at home". We want you to feel welcome and inspired to fulfill Gods plan for your life and find hope as you Make the Journey with Grace.

Meet Our Pastor
Meet Our Pastor

Ps. John Curry

I consider it a high honor to Pastor Grace Community Church and I am proud to call Archer City my home.  I believe I have a mandate from Ephesians  4:12 to “equip the saints for the work of ministry for the building up of the body of Christ”.  People often get beat up and torn down throughout the week and the world is getting tougher every day.   My prayer is that the Church would be a place where you are encouraged, built up and strengthened in your faith as you walk in the Light of Jesus Christ every day.

What We Believe

The Bible

The Bible is Gods Word, is powerful and able to transform your life.

Jesus Christ

Jesus died for your sins and came to give you life.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirt is able to guide you, empower you and equip you to be an example to others.


God is a healer and able to bring hope into any situation.

Our Community

God has called us to be a blessing in our community.

The Gospel

God has called us to do our part to see the Gospel spread around the world.


Everything must be done with prayer.


Worshiping the Lord and living a life for His glory is our greatest privilege.